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  • The Hornet: AMTAC’s 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine Suppressor

    Then came time for durability testing. JP Rifles built a full-auto version of their GMR-13 carbine as a test platform for the Hornet. With our new toy in hand, our R&D team headed out to the test range with 20,000 rounds of ammo and came back with nothing but smiles and buckets of brass.

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  • AMTAC Suppressors Shortens the Rifle Silencer Market

    Tactical Retailer

    Before firing the first shot, I noticed a big difference in feel and handling. The over-barrel design not only shortens the overall rifle package, it redistributes the weight as well. A good chunk of the one and a quarter-pound weight is behind the muzzle, so the rifle handles similarly to a non-suppressed configuration. Not having ... Read More Here »

  • AMTAC Announces Military & Law Enforcement Discount Program


    Salt Lake City-based AMTAC Suppressors, the industry’s leading over-barrel suppressor manufacturer, today launched their Military & Law Enforcement Discount program designed to give back to military, police, and other first responders.

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  • How a Suppressor Company was Born

    A few years ago, Tony Barney was bitten by the suppressor bug. “I walked into a local shop” he says, “chose a new can, paid, sent $200 to Uncle Sam, and waited. Nine months later when the new suppressor arrived, I was severely disappointed.”

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  • Quiet Your Gun with an AMTAC Suppressor

    Suppressors can add significant length to a firearm, compromise balance and cause fairly significant point-of-impact shifts downrange. Utah-based AMTAC is a relatively new player in the suppressor market, but the company set out to specifically address what it saw as shortcomings of other products on the market. Read More Here »
  • AMTAC Supperssors at Big3 East

    Gun News Weekly LIVE: AMTAC Supperssors at Big 3 East. Greg and Adam of AMTAC Suppressors sat down with the guys at GNW to talk about the innovations AMTAC is bringing to the suppressor industry. Read More Here »
  • The Best 20 Next-Gen Gun Silencers For 2016

    Rounding up the best new sound suppressors hitting the market for pistols, rifles and shotguns. AMTAC is a new player to the suppressor business but brings with it lots of experience in precision machining. Most AMTAC suppressors use a reflex design where the suppressor fits over and around the barrel... Read More Here »
  • CMR-30 Suppressed by AMTAC Suppressors

    AMTAC makes an over the barrel suppressor. Similar in basic concept as the OSS suppressors only the AMTAC cans have a traditional baffle system. Over the barrel suppressors allow the user to maintain their rifle length barrels without adding significant weight to the end of the muzzle. Their suppressors only extend 3.5″ past the muzzle. Read More Here »
  • AMTAC’s Over the Barrel Suppressors

    In all the hub-ub of SHOT Show, the small company AMTAC slipped through the cracks with an over the barrel line of suppressors. AMTAC’s line of suppresors, minus only a single model (the “SBR”) are designed to reduce the overall length of a weapon system by moving some suppressor volume to behind the threads (or... Read More Here »
  • AMTAC Suppressors Over-barrel Silencers – SHOT Show 2016

    Adam from AMTAC Suppressors shows us their unique rifle suppressors that slide over the barrel, instead of just screwing on to the end (although they make a few of those also). Really cool stuff… Read More Here »

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