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For more than 35 years, Advance Manufacturing Technology has been a leader in precision manufacturing with customers including the Department of Defense, Bell, Hiller, and SpaceX.

Advance Manufacturing Tactical (AMTAC) was born in that same state-of-the-art facility by some of the most experienced engineers and machinists in the game. AMTAC builds suppressors to meet the needs of the most demanding shooters—durability, accuracy, and innovative designs that integrate seamlessly into your weapon system.

Over-Barrel Fit

Over-Barrel Fit

This unique design allows AMTAC Suppressors to reduce noise to hearing-safe levels while adding minimal overall length to your weapon system.

UniBaffle Design

UniBaffle Design

Using aerospace-grade CNC technology, AMTAC machines the entire baffle structure from a single piece of material in order to achieve exacting tolerances for a minimal POI shift and consistent return to zero.



We apply the same attention to detail whether we’re machining suppressors or spacecraft components. Every AMTAC product is built to exacting tolerances to virtually eliminate baffle strikes and ensure a minimal POI shift with a consistent return to zero.


AMTAC Suppressors are built to withstand tens of thousands of rounds of abuse. Our unibaffle design is tough enough to easily outlast the barrel it’s attached to, and it can even be removed and replaced if you ever damage it.


AMTAC Suppressors are made using high quality materials and machined to exacting tolerances in the USA. Every suppressor comes with a lifetime warranty. If you break it—we’ll fix it.

The AMTAC Difference

Why Choose AMTAC

Decades of experience manufacturing some of the most complex and exacting components ever built give us the confidence to go far beyond traditional suppressor design. Our suppressors aren’t about chasing numbers. They’re created to integrate seamlessly into your weapon system and deliver tack-driving performance down range.

Over-barrel design to add only 3.7” of length to your rifle.

High-volume over-barrel chamber for greatly reduced gas blowback.

Reduced swing weight for faster target transitions and more maneuverability.

Direct thread suppressors that rival the speed of QD mounts while increasing accuracy.

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