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  • AMTAC CQBm Suppressor Review

    AMTAC CQBm Suppressor Review

    AMTAC Suppressors is releasing their new Mantis line of silencers, three of which feature their signature over-barrel design, with a new monocore system that focuses on overall signature reduction and capable of handling magnum rifle calibers.

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  • AMTAC CQBm Suppressor Review

    AMTAC CQBm Suppressor Review

    AMTAC Suppressors improved on one of the most annoying problems with silencers… screwing a can onto the end of your barrel adds length to the firearm. With AMTAC’s over-barrel suppressor design part of the silencer extends aft over the barrel.

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  • Short And Sweet – Guns And Ammo

    Short And Sweet - Guns And Ammo

    The other major advantage of AMTAC’s over-the-barrel design — reduced overall length — needs no introduction. Traditional suppressors add a significant amount of length to a firearm, reducing maneuverability and throwing off the balance. They can make a previously sleek firearm positively cumbersome. Adding only 3.7 inches (the typical muzzle-forward length of an AMTAC suppressor) ... Read More Here »

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  • AMTAC Suppressors Announces Mantis Suppressors for Serious Rifle Shooters

    January 25, 2018 AMTAC Suppressors announces Mantis suppressors for serious rifle shooters The Mantis Series brings high-performance over-barrel suppression to .30 caliber, 6.5mm, and 300 Blackout rifles. January 25, 2017— LAS VEGAS, NV— AMTAC Suppressors today announced the release of the Mantis Series suppressors, available in several different configurations for .30 caliber, 6.5mm, and 300 Blackout rifles. These new ... Read Release »
  • AMTAC to Pay the $200 Tax Stamp on Any Suppressor Purchased Through Their Website

    May 25, 2017 AMTAC Suppressors to pay the tax stamp on any suppressor purchased through their website until October 31, 2017. A $200 check will be made out to the ATF NFA Branch and suppressors will be shipped to a local NFA dealer for pickup. May 25, 2017— Salt Lake City-based AMTAC Suppressors, the industry’s leading over-barrel suppressor manufacturer, today ... Read Release »

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