Compatibility – Choosing the Right Suppressor

Over-barrel suppressors have to fit over your rifle’s barrel and thread securely into place without touching the gas system on semi-auto rifles. This means that you have to take into account your barrel’s length and diameter as well as your gas system when choosing a suppressor.

If you are buying one suppressor for multiple rifles, you should choose one that fits over your thickest barrel and works with the barrel / gas system combination that has the shortest distance between the gas block and the muzzle. See the reference charts below, or call us at 801-505-7100 for help choosing the right suppressor for you.

Barrel Diameter & Clearance

CQB series:  Ø.760”, 6″ muzzle to gas block

CQBm series:  Ø.760”, 4″ muzzle to gas block

SBR series:  End-mount – no over-barrel chamber

SNIPER series:  Ø.960”,  6″ muzzle to gas block

HORNET:  Ø.750”, 4″ muzzle to gas block

FIRE ANT:  End-mount – no over-barrel chamber


556 series (CQB-556, SNIPER-556, etc):
.204 Ruger through .223 Remington/5.56 NATO

762 series (CQB-762, SNIPER-762, etc):
.243 Winchester through .300 Win Mag


Fire Ant:
.22LR, .17 WSM, .17 HMR, .22 MAG, .22WMR, .22 Hornet, 5.7 x 28

Barrel Thread Pitch

556 series:  1/2 x 28
762 series:  5/8 x 24
Hornet:  1/2 x 36
Fire Ant:  1/2 x 28

A 1/2-28 to 5/8-24 thread adapter can be used to mount a 762 series suppressor on a 5.56mm rifle.

A 1/2-36 to 13.5-1 LH thread adapter can be used to mount the Hornet to the SIG MPX.

Gas System vs Barrel Length

22” barrel / rifle-length gas system
18” barrel / mid-length gas system
16” barrel / carbine-length gas system

20” barrel / rifle-length gas system
16” barrel / mid-length gas system
14” barrel / carbine-length gas system
10.5″ barrel / pistol-length gas system



Choose a suppressor line below to see how AMTAC is changing the world of silence.


Our flagship over-barrel suppressor, the CQB is designed around a 16” barrel with a carbine-length gas system and adds only 3.7” to your rifle’s overall length.



A shortened version of our CQB suppressor, the CQBm features the same single-piece baffle structure and works with rifles that have a 16” barrel and a mid-length gas system.

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Our direct-thread, end-mount suppressor, the SBR features a single-piece baffle manufactured using aerospace-grade CNC technology in order to deliver pinpoint accuracy and a suppression level that outperforms many of it’s rivals.

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An over-barrel suppressor created for heavy-barrel rifles, the SNIPER features a single-piece baffle that threads directly on to the barrel and delivers a rock-solid return to zero and minimal POI shift.

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Designed specifically for Pistol Caliber Carbines, the Hornet features an over-barrel design to add minimal length while drastically reducing both sound and recoil.


7 Tips for buying a Suppressor

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